We Salute You Mr. Coffee!

Hacienda Miramonte salutes you Mr. Coffee!  With 1.7 billion cups of coffee consumed worldwide daily, there’s no debating the need to celebrate.   September 29 is US National Coffee Day while enjoying a cup of our favorite partner let’s remember some facts:

·       “Berry” Good – Did you know that coffee comes from berries? Coffee beans are actually seeds housed inside vibrant red berries that grow on trees. The berries are picked, dried, and pried open before being roasted twice, increasing their size and turning them from green to brown.

·       It Takes Two – While there are many different roasts and flavors of best coffee, there are only two types of beans – Arabica, which accounts for 70% of the world’s coffee consumption, and Robusta, the remaining 30%. Arabica beans are mild and balanced while Robusta beans are bold and contain more caffeine.

·       Hot “Tropic” – Believe it or not, coffee is sourced from one expansive area known as “The Coffee Belt.” This band of countries boasts warm, tropical climates perfect for coffee plants to thrive.

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