How to Select the Best Coffee Beans and Why

How to Select the Best Coffee Beans and Why

Do you remember the last time you had a look at a selection of coffee beans at a coffee store, read everything printed on the coffee bag or jar, and picked the one that you thought must be good but ended up feeling disappointed at the very first sip of your brew? Who’d have guessed that selecting the best coffee beans is as difficult as purchasing a party outfit? You cannot just see and pick, you have got to try it! 

When it comes to selecting the appropriate beans, there are a few critical considerations to keep in mind, other than the flavors. After all, it’s that first cup in the morning that gets you going. 

In this article, we’ll go through the types of beans, the differences in roast profiles, and how freshness plays a key role in the taste. 

Coffee Beans

Which Coffee Bean Do You Choose? 

Begin by deciding which of the two major types of coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica, you prefer. Robusta beans are strong and bitter, and they are produced at low altitudes while Arabica beans grow at higher altitudes and have a creamy smooth, acidic flavor. Knowing your taste preference can help you decide which of the two best coffee beans will work for you. 

Single-Origin or a Blend?  

A single-origin bean is one that originates from a single estate. It has a unique flavor and is unlikely to be overly complicated. Whereas, a blend is a combination of numerous single origins with a more complicated profile created by the roaster to attain a certain sensory outcome.

Level of Roasting 

One of the most essential things that determine the taste of coffee in a cup is the degree to which the coffee beans have been roasted. Most people prefer buying medium roast coffee bags as they are considered to be the best roast level for espresso. However, there are four roast levels available –  

  • Light – Bright acidity
  • Medium – Balanced acidity and sweetness
  • Dark – Prominent bitter sweetness, muted acidity 

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Importance of Freshness  

3 weeks after roasting, the fragrances, flavors, and acidity of roasted coffee beans are regarded to be at their prime. they progressively lose part of their intensity after that period. we recommend drinking your coffee between 4 and 6 weeks after it has been roasted.  

To Sum Up  

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to choose which beans are ideal for you. the most essential thing is to taste different varieties of beans and experiment with flavors. We hope that with the recommendations above, you will be able to select the best coffee beans the next time. 

One can chat with the roaster and learn more about your fresh coffee beans, what age are they, how are they stored, how they were cultivated, etc. The more you know about your coffee beans the more knowledgeable choices you will make.  

If purchasing online is easier, make sure you purchase your coffee beans from a business you know and trust. Check any education they provide: articles, blog posts, coffee appreciation events, how-to guides, detailed beans profiles, stories from the origin, and anything that shows how passionate they are and proud of their beans’ freshness. Most Specialty coffee businesses nowadays mark their bags with roasting dates. 

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