What’s the Difference Between Light, Medium, and Dark Roast Coffee

Have you ever been confused at the coffee store by the differences in coffee roast levels? Well, it’s not just you that’s been perplexed about roast levels. It is common to think that the difference in color is what distinguishes each roast level. Although this is true, each coffee roast has distinct colors that set it apart. Light, Medium, and Dark are the most commonly used adjectives to describe different levels of roasted coffee. 

Coffee roasting is one of the most important aspects to bring out the coffee flavor and taste. Roasting green beans into aromatic coffee awakens our senses and uplift our mood. However, roasting beans at varying degrees does more than just darken them; it also modifies many of their internal properties. Let us have a look –


Light roast coffee has a light brown color and is non-oily. This coffee roast keeps the majority of the original coffee flavor, has acidity, and can retain the majority of the caffeine from the roasted coffee bean. 

This happens because the coffee beans aren’t roasted for too long, causing them to be moist on the inside. Although light roast coffee has a thinner body, it has more complex flavors due to a high amount of caffeine, acidity, and a sweet fruity taste. Light roast coffee is the way to go if you want more delicate flavors! Pick a 12 oz. Bag of Coffee Beans in light roast right away.  


Medium roast coffee has a darker brown hue and is roasted a bit longer than light roast coffee beans. However, it lacks oil on the surface of the beans. The medium roast has a better-balanced flavor, aroma, and acidity rather than delicate flavors. 

Moreover, medium roasts can also be roasted for just a bit longer to achieve the Medium-Dark roast level. This roast is richer and darker in color and it preserves the unique characteristics of the coffee. If you want something subtler, then medium roast is the right choice for you. Pick 1 lb Coffee Beans bag right now.  


This roast has a dark brown color, similar to that of dark chocolate but with an oily surface. These coffee beans are roasted for the longest time at high temperatures. The beans lose moisture and develop a bittersweet flavor. 

Caffeine levels drop from light to dark roast; hence it has the least amount of caffeine. As coffee roasts get progressively darker, the original flavor is lost but the roasting process adds more flavor just like roasted dry fruits. Dark roast is the best choice for a bittersweet coffee with a robustly smoky flavor! 

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Last but not least

We believe that everyone deserves the perfect roast. Whether you want to start the day with a light roast or a soothing medium roast while spending the evening watching your favorite movie or want to stay awake in the night with a dark roast. Get started with a pack of 12oz and 1lb coffee beans in different roast levels. Whatever roast level you choose, you will have an experience that is genuinely satisfying. 

Few differentiating points for all the roast levels: 

  • Light roasts last until a single crack is heard, called the “First Crack”. 
  • As beans roast darker, both the caffeine content and origin Flavors roast out. 
  • Darker roasts are slightly less acidic and have the least caffeine. 
  • Dark roasts get their bold, smoky Flavors from oil that surfaces on the bean. 
  • Light and Medium roasts have little to no oil on the surface of the bean. 
  • As a bean roasts, the body gets thicker and heavier up until the “second crack”. 
  • After the second crack, beans start to thin and taste more like charcoal. 

We at Willows Coffee offer rich, deep Flavors that comes only from 100% Arabica beans. Costa Rican Coffee beans are hand-picked and processed by a team of experts who are no less than coffee artists whether it is light roast coffee, dark roast coffee, or medium roast coffee. They pick and process only ripe beans to provide you with world-class taste and quality.   

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